hi i'm johanna, sad as fuck. 17. a multi-fandom blog. inactive cries.

Before the year ends, I just wanna thank you these people who made my year awesome ^^ even though we haven’t talk yet or you don’t know me ;A; uhm . . I admire you guys very very much :3 yesu, all of you. I’m surprised that my forever follow for this year has 70+ blogs and most of it are the people I already talked to o.o omfg afdjkfsd I was really friendly and all ;A; was. lol I know my blog is so inactive like half of the year and maybe some of you guys don’t know me anymore haha. Okaayy. I love you guys and I wish we’ll all have a happy happy happy new year! ♥ :> I hope I can talk to all of you again ;A; <///3 x

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    Omg thank you Jo! :3
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    Thank you Jo! :* Have a splendid and spectacular year ahead! :)
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    Thanks Jo!! xD
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    Thank youu! :)
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    aw thank you Jo!!
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